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What is oxyhydrogen carbon cealning?

Under the condition of car idle, the oxy-hydrogen generator produced brown gas through the intake manifold into the engine combustion chamber 20 minutes. Advantages of brown gas have low ignition energy, strong catalytic combustion, variable temperature, fast combustion speed and so on.In a short time make the carbon oxide & burning soft untill complete combustion gasification, and then through the exhaust pipes outside the vehicle.

need't disassembly cleaning

Easy to operate without dissembling engine and keeping its closure.saving time and labor

Don't damage the machine

Carbon clean medium is clean brown gas,it's not chemical.It will not corrosion damage the engine, do not harm the ternary catalysts, oil seal, gasket, etc

Environmental Protection

In the process of carbon removal hydrogen combustion engines and will produce only water after discharge pollutants into the water, no harmful gas emissions.

Convenient province

The machine automatically in addition to carbon/auto off after to complete the necessary steps. This process only need 20 minutes

why choose kingkar

Select kingkar selection and future energy giants

Perfect design

fashionable design,qualified manufacture,fixable roller to ensure stability.

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Intelligent control

Reduce the power consumption of integrated intelligent control panel, simple touch screen operation

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Multiple of security technology patent & quality certification

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Preferred to use new technology,1000+ Customers visiting

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Kingkar advantage

The most advanced in the industry is sincere attitude of our cooperation with you.

  • Policy Advantages

    Environmental problem is becoming more and more serious, emission standards will be more and more strict.

  • Technological advantages

    Hi-tech research and development, priority possess newest technology

  • Marketing Advantages

    Various publicise oxy-hydrogen envery all over the world, promotion and technology support from local.

  • Logistics advantages

    Ten years of experience in foreign trade:Strong packing, Simplify the transportation cost and routes

  • Market Advantages

    Increase day by day : The car, the consciousness of environmental protection and the engine maintenance.

  • Field advantages

    Products include motorcycles, cars, off-road vehicles, buses, vans, trucks.

Technology giants from china

Changsha Kingkar Eco-Technologies Co.,Ltd is a hi-tech subsidiary of the Institute, which is one of the earliest companies in China being engaged in the research, development and production of oxy-hydrogen generators. It now has a production site covering an area of more than 3,000 square meters and necessary production equipment, production lines, testing equipment, and component aging screening equipment, with an annual production capacity of 20,000 sets.

So far, we have made more than 980 items which has the world or domestic advanced level of scientific research. We are gained more than 30 State Patents. We promote the use those scientific achievements into many fields like engineering construction, machinery, nonferrous metal, coal, gold and electrical industries. The production of all kinds of products and equipment exported to more than 20 countries and regions and won the markets with reliable quality, good reputation and the products leading edge technology. Truth-seeking innovation, quality first, the good faith service, continuous improvement are our commitments to the society and client.

We also will go all out, develop an expanse the energy business, make our contribution to improve the environment of our earth, reduce the use the fossil energy and realize no carbon emission target.

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