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The hydrogen fuel comes from hydrogen generator, as compared with other fuels, has the following advantages:

1. Safety and environmental protection

The molecular weight of hydrogen is 2, is 1/14 lighter than air. Therefore, the leakage of

hydrogen in the air will escape from the ground automatically without forming aggregates.

But other oil and gas gathering ground will constitute explosive hazard.

Tasteless, non-toxic, does not cause intoxication, combustion products only water, do

not pollute the environment.

2. High temperature energy

The heat of 1kg hydrogen is 34000Kcal, triple gasoline. Hydroxide flame’s temperature is

up to 2800 degrees, which is higher than conventional liquid gas. What;s more, the temperature

is adjustable.

3. Centralized heat

Oxy-hydrogen flame is straight, little heat loss and high efficiency.

4. Automatic regeneration

Hydrogen is from water, then reduced to water of combustion

5. Variable -temperature characteristics

Flame regulation can be achieved according to the melting point temperature of the heated object.

6. Wide variety of sources

Hydrogen by electrolysis of water extraction, water is inexhaustible, and per kg water can produce

1860 liters hydrogen gas.

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